ADHD Family Coaching

Family Coaching: Peace At Home

In-Person Coaching and Skype Coaching Offered

  • Teens with ADHD/ADD and with ODD have a whole industry of support.
  • There are psychologists, therapists, coaches, tutors, and special education teachers. 
  • These professionals teach children with ADHD how to learn.  How to understand their brain’s unique wiring, and how to manage themselves so they can grow to become successful adults. 
  • What about the parents of teens with ADHD?
  • What about the parents of teens with ODD?
  • What about the teen who is defiant?
  • Who is coaching you to learn how to be the best parent you can for your teen whose ADHD/ODD complicates the family environment?
  • Who is helping you figure out how to apply the experts’ advice to your family and have peace at home?

Parental options for support tend to be limited to therapy. 

But you need something more.  Something to sustain you and prevent your family from feeling isolated.  


There are plenty of resources telling you what to do.  

But what is missing…the resources to share with you the how.  How to you manage this complicated teen in a way that works for the whole family? 

Family Coaching:  Peace At Home can help.

Our Family Coaching Services can help:

  • Develop successful ways to deal with family conflict
  • Learn effective communication skills to deepen your understanding of each other
  • Manage Emotions
  • Create Behavioral Plans that work

In our coaching sessions we will help you overcome the offenses that have crippled your family relationship. We will help you gain a fresh healthy perspective on each other, and yourself, so that you can cultivate your family and celebrate the aspects of each other that count! 

Family Coaching:  Peace at Home is a total of 18 coaching sessions:  9 with the parents alone, on a weekly basis, and 9 with the parents and your teen together.  You will leave each coaching session with an effective Action Plan for the week.  

What Does Family Coaching: Peace at Home Look Like?

Coaching Session 1:   Discussion of ADHD and ODD

Coaching Session 2:   Principles of Behavior Management

Coaching Session 3:   Developing Positive Attention

Coaching Session 4:   Developing Parental Attending Skills

Coaching Session 5:   Establishing a Behavioral Contract

Coaching Session 6:   Using Response Cost

Coaching Session 7:   Completing the Contract/Point System

Coaching Session 8:   Grounding

Coaching Session 9:   School Advocacy

Coaching Session 10: Introduction to Problem Solving Communication Training

Coaching Session 11: Practicing Problem Solving Part 1

Coaching Session 12: Practicing Problem Solving Part 2

Coaching Session 13: Introduction to Communication Skills

Coaching Session 14: Practicing Communication Skills

Coaching Session 15: Dealing with Unreasonable Beliefs and Expectations

Coaching Session 16: Catching Unreasonable Beliefs

Coaching Session 17: More Family Practice

Coaching Session 18: Concluding Coaching

Family Coaching:  Peace at Home

  • 9 – 50 Minute Weekly Parent Coaching Sessions (parents alone)
  • 9 – 50 Minute Family Coaching Session (parents and teen together)
  • Family Assessment
  • BRIEF Assessment for your teen
  • ADHD and Family Resources
  • Tool Kit
  • Weekly Action Plans
  • IEP / 504 Planning
  • Unlimited Email Support
  • Investment:  $3200/ payment plan available

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