We help teens, adults, parents, and families affected by ADHD find their Superhero with our coaching programs:  Adult ADHD Coaching,  Peace at Home:  Helping Parents Help Kids and

 Teen ADHD Coaching. 


Ready to be the SUPERHERO of YOUR life?

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Adult Superhero   

ADHD Coaching 

Are you Overwhelmed? Late?   Disorganized? Feeling stressed? Impulsive?  Stuck? With ADHD, what you do everyday affects your mood. With our Overcoming Overwhelm: Adult ADD Coaching you will earn the tools and implement strategies that work for you.  Finally! 



Peace at Home

Helping Parents Help Kids 

Parenting a child with ADHD is tough! Here at Bella, we help parents of children affected by ADHD find peace at home.  Have Peace At Home:   Helping Parents Help Kids coaching program supports parents struggling to cope with their child(ren) with ADHD. Experience peace at home with Helping Parents Help Kids. 


Teen Superheros

  ADHD Coaching 

We coach teens with ADHD from hating school to finding their Superhero.  Our specialized Teen ADHD Coaching Program gives kids the tools they need to cope with obstacles they may be facing.  From friends to dating to academics to extracurricular activities to future concerns and everything else!




“Mrs. Holmes was instrumental during my child’s IEP process at the high school level, which prepared my child with support for ADHD and text anxiety upon her transition to college. She provided the tools for a smooth, successful transition. Mrs. Holmes was able to provide the guidance and increase my child’s self confidence during her journey at college. My child is now a successful college graduate!”  


“Our son has struggled with dyslexia throughout his school years. Loretta helped our son with our questions and concerns as we prepared for the college admission process, but her help did not stop there! Loretta and my son were able to connect via FaceTime as a support system when he was experiencing self doubts at college. My husband and I never dreamed our son could be so successful at our local community college.”