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 I coach humans affected by ADHD and Anxiety discover their Kiss Ass Life with powerful, action-centered

ADHD & Anxiety Coaching programs.

Anxiety Coaching for Kiddos

Anxiety Coaching 

Kiddo/Teen ADHD Coaching 

The Organized Chaos Challenge



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What Makes Your Heart Sing?

 A Love Your Life Coaching Program

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Looking for anxiety relieve for your child? You're in the right place.  Children with high anxiety are on high alert and are not in control of their own worry.  I can  help.  My Anxiety Relief Coaching Program for Kiddos teaches your kiddo to understand & control their worry with interactive animations!  Parents love Anxiety Relief Coaching for their kiddo!


Living A Kick Ass Life

Anxiety Coaching 

Anxiety.  The battle we did not choose.  Overcoming anxiety is a tough journey.  So far, your journey has brought you to this point.  It tells me with a huge sense of joy and happiness that it has. Why?  Because I understand how deep the pain goes and what it feels like to be in your position.  I get it.   Anxiety Coaching will provide you with the tools to live a kick-ass life!  Download HERE our easy to use self-administered client questionnaire that is used as a screen tool & severity measure for Generalized Anxiety Disorder.  



I coach kiddos & teens with ADHD from hating school to finding their Superhero. My  ADHD/ADD Coaching Program gives your child the tools they need to cope with obstacles they may be facing.  From friends to dating to academics to future concerns and everything else! Together, we build their Confidence Kit.  


What Makes Your Heart Sing?

A Love Your Life Coaching Program

Home Study Option or Virtual Coaching Option

Is Life Kicking Your Ass?  Learn to kick back! Sometimes we have to get our butts kicked before we can go kick some butt!  The "What Makes Your Heart Sing?" Love Your Life Coaching Program offers the support and encouragement needed to work through life's problems.  Convenient Home Study Option, Virtual Coaching or In-Person Coaching are the first steps to self-discovery and discovering your purpose.  Get energized, reach your goals and your heart will sing!  



The Organized Chaos Challenge 

 A Time Management Coaching Program

Home Study Option or Virtual Coaching Option

Tired of feeling stressed out and trapped? Are you struggling to get to a meeting on time? Is your head spinning in many directions?  I have been there! Learn powerful strategies to have more freedom to do what you enjoy with the The Organized Chaos Challenge: Time Management Coaching Program.  This action-centered coaching program with kick ass action steps will teach you the tools to feel confident, productive, and in control.  Together, let's get started with The Organized Chaos Challenge!


“Mrs. Holmes was instrumental during my child’s IEP process at the high school level, which prepared my child with support for ADHD and text anxiety upon her transition to college. She provided the tools for a smooth, successful transition. Mrs. Holmes was able to provide the guidance and increase my child’s self confidence during her journey at college. My child is now a successful college graduate!”  


“Before working with Loretta, I dreaded getting a call from my child's teacher almost everyday.  In just 2 weeks of implementing the action plan Loretta created for me, I haven't had a single call from the the teaching complaining about his behavior.  In fact, his grades have improved in a matter of days!"  

– Lynn & Gregg