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Loretta Anne Holmes, MA  CMHWC


 I help clients gain clarity in their life so they can stop their self doubt and overcome their fear with powerful and transformational Coaching Programs.

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Become A Badass:  A Love Your LIfe Coaching Program! 

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Being a teen is tough. Being a teen with ADHD is difficult.  I coach teens and college students with ADHD from hating school to finding their Superhero. My  ADHD/ADD Coaching Program gives your teen the tools they need to cope with obstacles they may be facing.  From friends to dating to academics to future concerns and everything else! Together, we build your teen's Confidence Kit.  

Watching your bright, vibrant child struggle with ADHD can make you feel helpless and create conflict at home.  While strides have been made to help families learn about ADHD, there are far few resources available for parents of ADHD children.  You need the support just as much as your child does.  Peace At Home offers immediate, actionable strategies you can use to support your child with ADHD compassionately and effectively.  

Become A Badass!

A Love Your LIfe Coaching Program

Transform your "blahs into ahas!" with this powerful, transformation 90-day coaching program.  You will gain a clear vision of how to stop doubting your greatness and start living an amazing life and and create a more joyous and genuine self-connection.  Become A Badass:  A Love Your Life Coaching Program helps you change your self-sabotaging beliefs that stop you from getting what you want.   Ready to become a badass? 

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Moving through life when you suffer from anxiety is a difficult feat. If you're having relationship issues concerning communication or intimacy, life can seem harder than ever before.  I am here to share with you that life doesn't have to be hard for you because of your struggles, and you are certainly not alone in feeling the way you do.


When you meet me, you'll see I am down to earth.  I get right to the point and cut out all the fluff.  I understand your struggles, regardless of what you're dealing with. 


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“Mrs. Holmes was instrumental during my child’s IEP process at the high school level, which prepared my child with support for ADHD and text anxiety upon her transition to college. She provided the tools for a smooth, successful transition. Mrs. Holmes was able to provide the guidance and increase my child’s self confidence during her journey at college. My child is now a successful college graduate!”  


“Before working with Loretta, I dreaded getting a call from my child's teacher almost everyday.  In just 2 weeks of implementing the action plan Loretta created for me, I haven't had a single call from the the teaching complaining about his behavior.  In fact, his grades have improved in a matter of days!"  

– Lynn & Gregg

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