Here at Bella ADHD Coaching - we offer a range of coaching programs such as ADHD Coaching, Parent CoachingLife Coaching and Health & Wellness Coaching.   Our coaching programs are custom-designed to fit the needs of you, your child, your student and your family. 


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Health & Wellness COACHING


ADHD Coaching

Life is hard. Going through life with ADHD is difficult. We've got you covered with our  ADHD Coaching Program for College Students & Adults. 




Being a parent with ADHD is hard.  Having a child with ADHD is difficult.  Our Parent Coaching Program will help you discover & cultivate a better relationship with your child.



Life Coaching

Is depression flattening your life? Most of us will feel low from time to time as life events jostle us up and down.  Our Life Coaching Services can help you move your life in the right direction. 


Health & Wellness 


Be Happier.  Be Healthier.  Our Health & Wellness Coaching Program is your opportunity to work on your personal health and wellness.  




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“Mrs. Holmes was instrumental during my child’s IEP process at the high school level, which prepared my child with support for ADHD and text anxiety upon her transition to college. She provided the tools for a smooth, successful transition. Mrs. Holmes was able to provide the guidance and increase my child’s self confidence during her journey at college. My child is now a successful college graduate!”  


“Our son has struggled with dyslexia throughout his school years. Loretta helped our son with our questions and concerns as we prepared for the college admission process, but her help did not stop there! Loretta and my son were able to connect via FaceTime as a support system when he was experiencing self doubts at college. My husband and I never dreamed our son could be so successful at our local community college.”