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9 Hacks To Get Rid of Anxiety FAST!

Around 40 million people in the U.S. have an anxiety disorder, which can range from a generalized anxiety disorder, defined as “intense worry you can’t control” to panic attacks complete with heart palpitations, trembling, shaking, or sweating.

40 million! You are not alone.

Whether you experience is of mild or extreme anxiety, there are steps you can take immediately to calm down and self soothe.

Here are nine of the best:

Stand Up Straight
When we are anxious, we protect our upper body – where our heart and lungs are located – by hunching over.

For immediate relief from anxiety, stand up, pull your shoulders back, plant your feet evenly and widely apart, and open your chest.

Then…breathe deeply. This posture coupled with deep breathing, helps your body remember that it’s not in danger right now.

Your body is in control.

If you can’t stand up such as you’re in your car or on an airplane, pull your shoulders back and open up your chest.

The most thing to remember? Stop hunching and breathe deeply.


Play the 5-5-5 Game
This sounds silly. It works!

When you’re anxious, you’re often caught in negative thought loop. Right?

Play this to get back into your body and stop anxiety FAST:

  1. Look around and name 5 things you can see.
  2. List 5 sounds you can hear.
  3. Move 5 parts of your body you can feel such as rotate your ankle or nod your heard up and down.


Sniff Lavender Oil
This is my favorite!

Lavender has a lot of healing properties. It promotes a feeling or calm and supports deep, restful sleep. It can even help with those annoying headaches.

To help reduce anxiety, keep a bottle of oil at your desk or in your purse. Breathe it in or massage it into your temples when you need a boost of peace.

Or a boost of calmness.

Bonus points? Combine the sniffing with deep, even breaths.


Watch a Funny Video

Watching a clip of your favorite comedian or blooper reel will help you stop feeling anxious FAST.

Why? Because you can’t laugh and stay anxiety at the same time, physiologically. Your body relaxes after a bout of laughter in a way that gets rid of anxiety.

And…according to the Mayo Clinic, laughter brings in oxygen-rich air, which stimulates your heart and lungs, and spikes your endorphins.


Go For a Brisk Walk
Exercise is a long-proven way to lower anxiety.

In addition to boosting your level of feel-good neurotransmitters, a brisk walk clears your mind and get you breathing more deeply again – anxiety is intimately linked to shallow breathing.

Did you know studies show that people who exercise vigorously on a regular basis are 25 percent less likely to develop an anxiety disorder?

That is why I’m an endurance athlete. True story.


Accept Your Anxiety
This may sound counterintuitive, but accepting your anxiety (instead of feeling ashamed or frustrated by it like I did for over a decade) will actually help you feel less anxious.

Bella’s Anxiety Coaching will help you with this! 


Listen To the Most Relaxing Song In the World
Relaxing songs are engineered specifically to calm your nervous system. It was found to reduce anxiety up to 65 percent.

What relaxing song is on your playlist?


Re-Label What’s Happening
If you’re having a panic attack and your heart is racing, it’s easy to believe something like, “I’m going to die.”

Instead of buying into this inaccurate thought, re-label it.


Remind yourself: “This is a panic attack.   I’ve had them before and they don’t actually kill me. They pass. This will also pass. There’s nothing I need to do.”

What are panic attacks?

Panic attacks are an activation of the body’s fight-or flight response, which doesn’t kill you. It keeps you alive.

Do Something
Do anything.

Clear a few things off your desk. Walk over to the kitchenette and get yourself a drink of water.

Walk outside and find a flower to smell.

The important it doesn’t matter.

What matter is that doing an action interrupts your thought pattern, which is often where anxiety starts.

When it comes to stopping anxiety, self-soothing is actually a profound act of self-love.

Do you feel trapped by negative thoughts that you leave you sad, mad, worried, or stressed?

You’re not alone. I struggled with anxiety and depression for over decade. Many tend to get stuck on what they think is wrong with themselves and the world, instead of what’s right.

I don’t want that for you.

What I want for you is this.

The ability to break up with those gloomy thoughts.

And when you learn how, your whole life will change and you will discover impossible possibilities.

Bella Anxiety Coaching offers powerful tips and strategies to help you balance your emotions, become a more flexible thinker, and stop letting your negative thoughts define who you are how you feel.

Bella Anxiety Coaching will you experience all the good things life has to offer.

I am stoked to announce Bella Anxiety Coaching is launching November 1, 2018 and I’m excited to work with you!

Click HERE to receive updates about the launch of Bella Anxiety Coaching!

You’ll be glad you did!


Loretta Holmes, MA CMHWC is a high school special education teacher turned ADHD and Anxiety Coach.   Dissatisfied with where her life was going, she decided to push aside all self-doubts and other people’s negative words and just go for it! Now, she is a successful entrepreneur and pushing to make more dreams come true. Discover more about ADHD coaching HERE or shoot Loretta an email at

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