I coach humans affected by ADHD & Anxiety Find Their superhero & Discover kick ass life

"I believe no person is too broken to fix."  - Loretta Anne Holmes

Hey!  I am Loretta Anne!


I am an adventure seeker, pasta obsessor, recovering perfectionist, competitive cyclist and chooser of happiness and joy. 


I coach humans who are affected by ADHD & Anxiety find their Superhero and....who want to live a kiss ass life!  


I believe when humans experience trauma or severe life stressors, it is not uncommon for their lives to unravel.  My great passion is bringing healing to humans who have been through stressful experiences with ADHD and Anxiety.


The majority of my work is with teens, moms, and families.  I love coaching them to enhance their communication and bring deeper connections.  


My work with teens and their parents focuses on helping them communicate and allowing solutions to naturally arise from a deeper level of understanding between a teen and a parent.  


I also work with individuals looking to find empowerment in their lives and help them to achieve their goals and dreams as we uncover the things that have been blocking them and they learn to live a kick ass life! Take a look at each of my pages to discover each coaching service I offer.  


I understand there is not a single approach that is right one for every human, and so have training in:

  • Solution Focused Coaching
  • Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) which concentrates on the relationship between the brain, language, and the body.  

My educational background includes:

  • MA in Educational Technology 
  • Master Level Courses in Clinical Counseling  
  • B.A in Elementary Education and Special Education
  • Grad certification in ADHD Coaching and Life Coaching. 

I live in Southwest Michigan and enjoy exploring the vast open space along the shoreline of Lake Michigan. I am enchanted by the stunning nightly sunsets.  I am also a big fan of outdoor sports; I absolutely love bike racing and stand-up paddle boarding!


On the home front, I am married to my husband, Mike, and we have two amazing children. My Wellness Director is my golden doodle, Riley who brings me nonstop love and warmth.


If it seems like we might be a good match, please give me a call or shoot me an email on my connect page.


Here's to your kick ass life!


Loretta Anne 


Education & Professional Organizations


  • BA in Elementary & Special Education 
  • MA in Educational Technology 
  • Master Level Courses in Clinical Counseling 
  • Certification in ADHD Coaching & Life Coaching  


  • Attention Deficit Disorder Association 
  • Learning Disabilities Association of Michigan 
  • International Association of Coaching