Loretta Anne

Hi! I’m Loretta Anne…

I’d love to transform your life!

So you can live with purpose and honor your dreams.

I’ve always enjoyed listening to people share their true thoughts and feelings. When I was a child, my grandmother and I would sit out on the enclosed porch and she would tell me her fears and worries as the sun went down across the beautiful downtown landscape of Buchanan, Michigan.  I noticed my grandmother would find her own answers, and her fears would disappear behind the horizon.  My interest in helping others grew as my students confided in me. In the classroom, I continued to observe the same trend as my grandmother.  This powerful act of service led me on journey to gain more knowledge of human development.  It was no surprise when I decided to transition careers as a special education teacher to becoming a certified  ADHD coach.

To me, it’s what living is about.

It's Been a Bumpy Ride

My journey was not easy. It’s a long story. In short, my biological mother decided to leave me at an orphanage when I was days old. Thirteen months later, my adopted parents rescued me from the orphanage. Sadly, when I was a toddler, my adopted mom passed away, and my adopted father quickly remarried the not nice step-mother who had four not nice children of her own. Growing up in a toxic environment was a bumpy ride.

Fast forward to high school graduation.   I was not ready to go to college. I married my high school sweetheart and we have two beautiful children.  It wasn’t until my early 30’s, I realized I wanted to do something in the educational field.  So, I became a special education teacher for teens with cognitive and emotional impairments – my dream job!

Although I was doing what I loved, I noticed something major was missing.  I felt the push to do more.  Being able to teach is I gift I was thankful for, however, there was a passion burning inside of me to make a bigger impact.  You see, we were taught in college to focus on the educational component rather than the whole student.  In other words, we had been taught to neglect the emotions of the students, to neglect the emotions of the families or the meanings a traumatic event had on the family system, which I realized mirrors to what society has been teaching me since I sat on the enclosed porch with my grandmother.  This experience coupled with teaching students who receive special education services at the high school level propelled me to enroll in graduate level courses in Clinical Counseling as well as obtain a certificate in ADHD Coaching and certification in Life Coaching.

I’m still on a mission to reclaim my life and help clients affected by ADHD gain clarity on their life so they can stop their self doubt and overcome their fears.  We’re born knowing exactly what we need and how to heal.  We’re overwhelmed daily.  As a result, we become physically and emotionally drained.

I reside in Southwest Michigan and enjoy exploring the vast open space along the shoreline of Lake Michigan. I’m enchanted by the stunning nightly sunsets.  I’m also a big fan of outdoor sports; I absolutely love bike racing and stand-up paddle boarding!

On the home front, I’m married to my husband, Mike, and we have two amazing children.  My Wellness Director is my golden doodle, Riley who brings me nonstop love and warmth.


  • BA in Elementary & Special Education 
  • MA in Educational Technology 
  • Master Level Courses in Clinical Counseling 
  • Certification in ADHD Coaching
  • Certification in Health & Wellness Coaching