Loretta Anne Holmes, MA  CMHWC

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During This 50 Minute Complimentary Coaching Session

    • We'll work together to create a crystal-clear vision to discover your kiss ass life!   
    • You'll uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your family.
    • You'll leave the parent coaching session renewed, reenergized and inspired to live a kick ass life.

30/day Strong & 90/Day Strong

Anxiety Coaching

Is Anxiety Preventing You From Achieving A Fulfilling Life?

Do the things you worry about get the best of you?

Does life overwhelm you sometimes?  All the time?

Do you experience panic attacks? 

Does life often stress you out? 

Do social settings make you tense or ill-at-ease?

Is it difficult for you to calm down and relax?  Is your life lacking pleasure because you are accustomed to feeling numb?  

If you can relate with some of these feelings, you could be experiencing anxiety. 

Worry, concern, and stress are part of everyday life.  When anxiety spirals out of control it is strenuous and draining.  It not only affects you mentally but it can take a tool on your physical health as well.  You might find yourself worrying about one specific thing or everything in general.  Either way, it is debilitating.  If you let your thoughts define you, before you know it, you end up in a cycle of craziness.  

You are certainly not alone.  

Anxiety is actually one of the top reasons humans seek out Anxiety Coaching.  Whether a single event or a long-term stressor has impacted your life, Anxiety Coaching is known to be effective.  

Every day, I coach clients, just like you, overcome anxiety and regain control of their lives through Anxiety Coaching.  In your coaching sessions I will work with you on identifying triggers that cause anxiety issues, teach you how to implement proven techniques that will help you triumph over anxiousness, and establish a healthy thought process that will enable you to find the rest you have been longing for! 

Anxiety Coaching will help you:  

  • recognize the symptoms of anxiety
  • acknowledge the cause of your anxiety and manage the symptoms
  • effectively confront and control your anxiety
  • take control of situations in your life
  • discover your core fear
  • live a kick ass life! 

Download HERE our easy to use self-administered client questionnaire that is used as a screening tool for Generalized Anxiety Disorder. 


Anxiety Coaching 90/Day Strong looks like this:


Module 1:  Understanding Yourself and Your Anxiety

Coaching Session 1:  Making a New Start

Coaching Session 2:  Understanding Anxiety 

Coaching Session 3:  The Anxious Mind 


Module 2:  Building Your Kick Ass Toolkit

Coaching Session 4:  Getting Started 

Coaching Session 5:  Developing Your Anxiety Profile 

Coaching Session 6:  Transforming the Anxious Mind 

Coaching Session 7:  Courageously Facing Fear

Coaching Session 8:  Let's Talk Strategy 


Module 3:  Where To Next? 

Coaching Session 9:  Defeating Panic and Avoidance 

Coaching Session 10:  Conquering Social Fear

Coaching Session 11:  Overcoming Worry

Coaching Session 12:  Wrap Up


You too can experience freedom and balance in your life.  


Online coaching

When you are struggling with anxiety, holding a schedule or making it to an appointment can be much for you to handle.  

When it comes to those situations, I understand finding time to come into the office can be hard, so I offer online coaching sessions as well.  

Through online coaching, we can still work together to find a way for you to navigate through your struggles and share a variety of approaches that will help you get to a balanced place in your life where you're in control of your life again.  

If you are interested in learning more about online coaching, then feel free to reach out when you're ready to start making a change.  I will be here for you. 

Investment - 90/Day Strong

 90/Day Strong

  • (12) 50 minute Anxiety Coaching Sessions via in person or online coaching within 90 days
  • (12) 10-minute Check In Coaching Sessions
  • Wheel of LIfe Assessment Tool
  • Features in 30/Day Strong
  • (1) Anxiety Personalized Anxiety Profile
  • (1) Anxiety Assessment Scale
  • (1) Making A Map of Your Anxiety
  • 20 Checklists & Worksheets to Keep in Your Tool Kit 
  • Hard cover notebook for your Took Kit 
  • Unlimited Email Support
  • Relevant Resources
  • Investment:  1497.00 / Payment Option Available 

Investment - 30/Day Strong

30/Day Strong

 Developing Your Anxiety Profile


By the end of your 2 Hour coaching session, you will be able to produce a cognitive behavior assessment of your anxiety problems - We call it your Anxiety Profile.  It will include information about your current problems and the thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and physical symptoms you experience during anxiety episodes.  Your Anxiety Profile will sum up what triggers your anxiety for you and how you respond to anxiety-producing situations, with a particular focus on your anxious thoughts, as well as details about how you tend to cope.  


Following our Anxiety Coaching Session, your Anxiety Profile will shortly arrive via snail mail for yours to keep!  


Your Anxiety Profile Includes:

  • 1 - 2 Hour Anxiety Coaching Sessions 
  • Rating Your Daily Anxiety Worksheet
  • Identifying Your Anxiety Triggers
  • Monitoring Your Physical Sensations
  • Catching The Fear:  Monitoring Your Anxious Thoughts
  • Identifying Your Thinking Errors
  • Behavioral Coping Checklist
  • Identifying Your Cognitive Coping Checklist
  • Identifying Your Worries
  • Your Anxiety Profile 
  • A 50-minute Follow up Coaching Session (must be done within 45 days)
  • Investment:  $297

As your ADHD or Life Coach, I do not:

  • Serve as your psychologist, therapist, counselor
  • Focus on treating psychological disorders such as depression, moderate to severe, phobias, or other distressing disorders

If you need help with these or other psychological disorders, I will refer you to a psychologist or other mental health professional for counseling or psychotherapy.