Relationship Rescue:  Couples Coaching

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What kind of problems can Couples Coaching help with?


Well...If it feels like there is "fuzzy" communication problem when you try to talk.


Your spouse does not listen to you. 


Conflicts are over small stuff that explode into heated arguments. 


Your partner has withdrawn and/or has shut down emotionally.


You feel like you are never good enough. 


Your spouse has angry outbursts and can be demanding. 


You don't know how to forgive a well as many other relationship problems. 


No matter what you are struggling with in your relationship, your struggles are normal and can be fixed.  You will have the coaching tools to live a kick ass life!


Each week, we will meet on my private telephone line via a computer interface platform for 60 minutes.  You are able to dial in from anywhere in our world as long as you have an internet connection.  You will have the option of being in the same room as your significant other or in separate rooms. 


We'll determine where you are at, where you want your relationship to go, and the barriers preventing you and your spouse from living a kick ass life.  Then, I will create a custom kick ass action plan to reach your outcome quickly.  


Make sense?  

I am often asked, "What is the difference between Couples Coaching and Marriage Counseling?


First, and foremost, I am not a therapist.  I am not a counselor.  I am a Life Coach.  I don't focus on fixing you.  I focus on fixing the relationship so you can live the life of your dreams.  I treat your relationship as a system - a system made up of two humans. 


When our needs are not met, the relationship gets into trouble. When those needs are met, the relationship feels secure and both humans report feeling safe and happy together.  Living their kick ass life! 


You are the expert in your relationship.  I say that because I believe most humans don't need therapy.  They need coaching, education and training. Just like you would be dangerous on the roads if you have never passed a driving test. Most of us are dangerous to our relationship.  Certainly not intentionally.  Because we have not received the education nor the training in how to "drive" our relationship.


When I work with couples, I coach their life alternating distinctions, tools and strategies for repairing your relationship concerns.  Everything you'll learn is grounded in scientifically proven principles. 


This way, when you are living your kick ass life, you won't need me again because you'll have the tools to steer your relationship away from danger.


Marriage therapists tend to focus on communication first, connection second.  Not a good idea.  Because if you give a couple communication skills before they are connected, they just have better to fight with.  Certainly not a grand idea.  


I focus on getting couples connected.  In my personal opinion, this is the biggest reason why couples are now living their kick ass life. 


Relationship Rescue 1

  • 1 - 90 minute Couples Coaching Session
  • Kick Ass Strategies 
  • Investment:  $150

Relationship Rescue 4

  • 4 - 90 minute Couples Coaching Sessions 
  • Kick Ass Strategies 
  • Investment:  $597

Relationship Rescue 12

  • 12 - 90 Minute Couples Coaching Sessions 
  • Kick Ass Strategies
  • Tool Kit 
  • Unlimited Email Support 
  • Investment:  $2297 / Payment Plan Available