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In-Person or Online Coaching 

Children with ADHD/ADD have a whole industry of support.  

There are psychologists, therapists, coaches, tutors, and special education teachers. 

These professionals teach children with ADHD how to learn.  How to understand their brain's unique wiring, and how to manage themselves so they can grow to become successful adults.  

What about the parents of children with ADHD? 

Who is focused on supporting you? 

Who is coaching you to learn how to be the best parent you can for a child whose ADHD complicates childhood?  Parenting? Family? 

Who is helping you figure out how to apply the experts' advice to your family when one kid is bouncing off the walls and the other is melting down, the pot is boiling over the stove, the counters are too cluttered to find anything, and homework hasn't even started yet?

Parental options for support tend to be limited to therapy. 

But you need something more.  Something to sustain you and prevent your family from feeling isolated.  

There are plenty of resources telling you what to do.  

But what is missing...the resources to share with you the how.  How to you manage this complicated child in a way that works for the whole family? 

Family Coaching:  Peace At Home can help.

Our Family Coaching we can help you:

    • Develop successful ways to deal with family conflict
    • Learn effective communication skills to deepen your understanding of each other
    • Manage Emotions
    • Create Behavioral Plans that work

In our sessions we will help you overcome the offenses that have crippled your family relationship We will help you gain a fresh healthy perspective on each other, and yourself, so that you can cultivate your family and celebrate the aspects of each other that count! 


What Does Family Coaching Look Like? 

Module 1:  Getting Started 

Coaching Session 1:  Family Assessment & Setting Goals 

Coaching Session 2:  A Different Way of Being 

Coaching Session 3:  Making the Strategies Work
Coaching Session 4:  Managing Attention 

Coaching Session 5:  Behavioral Plans 

Coaching Session 6:  Behavioral Plans Part 2


Module 2:  Emotional Needs 

Coaching Session 7:  Curbing and Managing Impulsivity  

Coaching Session 8:  Getting Organized 

Coaching Session 9:  Managing Moods  
Coaching Session 10:  Support in School/IEP and 504 Plans 


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Family Coaching:  Peace at Home


  • 10 - 60 Minute Family Coaching Sessions 
  • 2 - 60 Minute Individual Coaching Sessions with your teen 
  • Family Assessment 
  • BRIEF Assessment for your child  
  • Personalized Life Coaching Office 
  • ADHD and Family Resources 
  • Tool Kit 
  • IEP / 504 Planning 
  • Unlimited Email Support 
  • Investment:  $1997 / Payment Plan Available 


As your ADHD or Life Coach, I do not:

  • Serve as your psychologist, therapist, counselor
  • Focus on treating psychological disorders such as depression, moderate to severe, phobias, or other distressing disorders

If you need help with these or other psychological disorders, I will refer you to a psychologist or other mental health professional for counseling or psychotherapy.