Employee Assistance Program

Bella Life Coaching Employee Assistance Program

A Proactive Approach To Keeping Employees Productive

We are human.  We make mistakes.  Employees are of no different. 

Here at Bella, our Life Coaching Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a confidential workplace service that employers pay for.  We help employees and their families deal with work-life stressors, family issues, financial concerns, relationship problems, and even offer strategies for anger management. 

Coaching is ideal for organizations looking to promote, develop, or assist an employee with reoccurring issues.

Coaching sessions are dedicated to supporting the employee in clarifying and pursing their objectives and maximizing their potential. 

Our program is available to employees and their families to help workers remain productive at work as well as it makes for happier employees.

Left untreated in the workplace, issues like anxiety or family problems translate into poor performance, missed work, bad customer service and workplace injuries that may cost you in terms of disability and workers compensation. 

Employees have a confidential place to go with their personal problems.  It also helps employees deal with stressors so they don’t carry over into the workplace. 

Employees and their family members get life coaching services on topics like:

  • Workplace personality conflicts: coaching suggestions on how to work with a difficult manager or co-workers.
  • Mental Health: depression, anxiety, anger management or other needs an employee or their family members may be dealing with.
  • Health and caregiving issues: how best to manage return to work issues after a worker’s comp claim, or how to manage a disability or medical issue, or how to obtain help for an ill or elderly loved one.
  • Financial counseling: how to avoid bankruptcy, or how to pay down a credit card debt, or create a budget. 

Bella’s Employee Assistance Program provides a set number of coaching sessions at a cost to the employee to fully assess the issue.  Our EAP does not provide long-term counseling, but can help can the ball rolling. 

Your organization can now work with one trusted provided for all your employee health and wellness strategies and solutions. 

By partnering with Bella, you’re working with the best coaches in workforce health and productivity.  This means expert insight, meaningful results. 


The Employee Assistance Program is just one of the services provided by Bella ADHD & Life Coaching.  Our team is made up of EAP life coaches who hold at least a masters degree, accredited certification in life and wellness coaching and have at least three years of life coaching experience.  Each life coach has a specialty, such as ADHD coaching, parent coaching or family/adolescent coaching. 

Employee Assistance Services may benefit any employee or family member experiencing personal struggles, such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • ADHD
  • Parenting issues
  • Family issues
  • Anger management
  • Stress
  • Work Relationships

At the first session, the life coach will help you clarify your problem, assess your needs, and create achievable goals.  If long-term or specialized services are required, the life coach will help you find a resource. 

Please note that long-term specialized services will need to be covered by insurance or private funds.

For businesses that offer the Bella Life Coaching Employee Assistance Program, employees and their family members are eligible for this service. 

Yes, in fact, Bella Life Coaching makes a special effort to ensure that employees from the same company are scheduled at different times to ensure privacy. 

Business receives a quarterly statistical report, with no information to identify individuals.

By law, information concerning an employee’s participation with EAP and the session content is kept confidential.  Information shall not be released except under the following conditions:

  • Information required to be disclosed such as child abuse or threats of homicide or suicide.
  • Information authorized to be disclosed by written release, signed by the applicable employee, family member, or his or her representative.
  • Information necessary to disclose in order to refer an employee or family member to another resource.