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Meet Ashley. Calming Test Anxiety.

Do you often worry you will be distracted while taking a test and then won’t finish on time?

Or worse yet..won’t do as well on your quiz or test as you’d have liked.   This can cause test anxiety and stress, which makes it even harder to do well.

Sound familiar?

You can help make your calming your test anxiety a reality by following a few doable strategies.

Meet Ashley.

Ashley dreaded taking tests. She noticed she often felt stressed and anxious whenever she thought about school. Sometimes her stomach hurt so much on test day that she stayed home from school.

But she had to take her test sometime.

Ashley’s life coach suggested she use some mindfulness skills to help her prepare for tests and to calm her anxiety. Ashley noticed when was able to study for each test while remaining clam, she felt more confident about doing well.   Whenever Ashley noticed she was feeling anxious, she practiced simple breathing techniques that helped her stay calm.

And less anxious.

This is how Ashley made calming her test anxiety a reality:

Before the test:

  • Ashley put her exam on her assignment calendar.
  • She planned ahead to leave herself plenty of time to study.
  • Ashley built confidence by studying for her test.
  • She created a game plan for taking the test.
  • Ashley gave herself time to practice her test and mimic the test situation to get used to it.
  • She got enough sleep the night before her test.

During the test:

  • Ashley made sure her accommodations on her 504 Plan were in place.
  • She answered the multiple-choice questions as quickly as possible, and she made notes about the ones she had doubt about. She went back to them later.
  • Ashley used a breathing technique: Count to four, breathing calmly.
  • Ashley said this to herself, “ I’m prepared. I can do this.” She repeated this every time she felt anxious.
  • She envisioned her success.

When you feel overwhelmed and worry about how you’re going to do on a test, try the strategies Ashley used.

You got this!



Loretta Holmes, MA CMHWC is an ADHD and Anxiety Coach at Bella ADHD Coaching and Bella Anxiety Coaching. Before pursuing a career in coaching, she worked as a special education teacher. Today, she combines her skills in teaching, psychology, and coaching to help humans feel like superheroes. Connect with Loretta at and at








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