Relationship Rescue

Relationship Rescue: Couples Coaching

As a relationship coach specializing in couples coaching, the complaints that I hear most often are:

“We’re so disconnected.”

“We just don’t communicate.”

As we begin to talk about the relationship, I very often hear that it started off quite well. 

But…gradually life began to get busier and each partner began to give less attention to nurturing the relationship. 

Less nurturing means less emotional intimacy.  Less physical intimacy. 


More irritation with each other.  And the more irritated the couple became with each other, the less likely if was for them to communicate and connect. 

Once a couple finds themselves in this vicious cycle, as perhaps you and your partner do right now, it’s difficult to find your way out on your own. 

Enter Relationship Rescue. 

The way I begin to work with couples is to gather information about the history of the relationship.  We discuss how they met, how the courtship was, what traits in each other they fell in love with, what the early months or years were like, when problems began to rise and what those problems were. 

The next step is to gather information about their family of origin and to explain to them how their upbringing has impacted the lenses and filters through which they experience the world and relationships. 

I then help each partner understand how they think, how they communicate and how their own temperament and personality affect the relationship. 

As Relationship Rescue continues they each develop a greater understanding of themselves and how they are experienced by their partner. 

This awareness leads them to take responsibility for their part in the relationship issues and to have more respect, empathy and appreciation for each other. 

All of these improvements lend themselves to a greater sense of connection.  This is indeed a crucial cornerstone to a strong and a loving relationship.

Perhaps you feel stuck in your relationship?  Or feel bored?  Or feel like your partner has changed to the point that you don’t recognize him or her. 

Don’t give up. 

My work is so gratifying, because I’ve seen couples go through the worst and come out closer than ever. 

I credit that rebound with two things:

  1. an openness and willingness to change
  2. making a commitment to carve out the time to reconnect

Which is where Relationship Rescue comes in. 

Relationship Rescue is designed to give you the tools and framework to have meaningful connections about a wide range of issues and reflect on the strengths of your relationship as the areas that need improvement. 

Each week we will focus on a different aspect of your relationship. 

Relationship Rescue will help you improve personal awareness, empathy, understanding and healthy communication. 

Healthy communication will result in a much greater sense of communication. 

My husband and I, who have been married 33 years, have used these tools throughout our relationship skills and nurturing our connection. 

For just 30 minutes a day, you and your partner will have uninterrupted time together to explore your relationship and share genuine, honest thoughts and feelings. 

I recommend you create a ritual where you get together at the same time each day or night, have soothing background music, possibly a cup of tea and most importantly are open, respectful, non-judgmental. 

After Relationship Rescue, you and your partner will feel more passion, more connection and more intimacy than ever before.

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