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What is ADHD Coaching?

This happens frequently.

I’ll meet someone new at a social or networking event. Eventually, they ask me, “Loretta, what is an ADHD coach?”

They look intrigued as I explain by how I am dedicated to coaching families who are affected by ADHD live life easier.  Healthier.

Even those affected by ADHD don’t know what an ADHD Coach is.

An ADHD coach is a personal trainer for your brain.

Many families who are struggling with ADHD need support organizing their academic work, sorting out specifics tasks, or planning an event.

An ADHD coach can also help clients achieve emotional/intellectual growth, strong social skills, education, and career exploration.

Coaching clients with ADHD works the same way as coaching a sport. The coach keeps the player focuses on the task and offers encouragement along the way.

Coaching clients with ADHD can stave off a return to old habits of procrastination, disorganization and negative thinking. An ADHD coach points out when the ADHD mind starts down the old negative grooves and brings it back to a positive place.

ADHD coaching focuses on tasks, priorities, action and learning from mistakes, as well as having effective interpersonal relationships.

When working with clients, we clarify values, goals and activities and identify obstacles to achieving their goals. We deal with the here and now, as well as the future.

Unlike psychotherapy, ADHD coaching does not necessarily dig into how the past affects the present.

An ADHD coach or personal trainer for your brain can offer tools and assist clients with structured and realistic goals settings including:

  • Strategic planning
  • Making conscious & wise choices
  • Time, task, and space management
  • Motivation and follow-through
  • Developing systems for success
  • Healthy communications and relationships
  • A deeper understanding and love of self
  • A simple and more orderly life
  • Achieving a balanced, healthy lifestyle

Coaching sessions may be held face-to-face or from a distance. As an ADHD & Family Coach who currently resides in Michigan, I coach over the telephone or utilize the platform Zoom. I serve clients as far away as Australia.

Currently, there is no regulating body governing who can become an ADHD Coach. However, some industry leaders are pushing for great regulation and national credentialing.

ADHD coaching is a relatively new profession and is fast emerging as a valued team player in the overall treatment of ADHD.

Let me share with you why:

  • ADHD does not discriminate. It spans every race, culture, age, economic level, gender and continent. There are over 300 million people with ADHD worldwide. All these people need a solution beyond the traditional medical model to better manage their ADHD.
  • Many people are now being first diagnosed with ADHD in their 40’s, 50’s or 60’s, often when they see their children or grandchildren act “just like I did.” The aging ADHD population is looking to work with an ADHD coach in increasing numbers.
  • Research supports the effectiveness of coaching and the endorsements by the medical, educational, and therapeutic professions have increased awareness of this valuable method to help people affected by ADHD.

What does this mean for you?

As someone who has had life experience with ADHD, you can use that experience to transform the lives of those still struggling with ADHD.

As an ADHD Coach.

How?   That is what I teach you with my ADHD Coach Training.

I teach you how to create the foundation of your ADHD coaching business so you can continue to make a difference for many years to come.

The world needs you to be an ADHD Coach!

Which is why I am letting you know about my ADHD Coach Training.

It’s just you and I. On a telephone call or a Zoom video conference call. You will receive an awesome manual filled with resources, ideas, and an entire module on how to launch your ADHD Coaching biz.

At the end of 12 weeks, you earn a certification as an ADHD Coach.


First, go to to discover more about ADHD Coach Training.

I invite you to schedule a call so I can answer your questions. And if we are a great fit…great! If not, am happy to provide you with any resources I can.

You can schedule this call by going to

The world needs you as an ADHD Coach. I hope you can join me in this fulfilling profession!

Loretta Holmes, MA  CMHWC is the owner of Bella ADHD & Life Coaching and has 20+ years as a special education teacher as well as three years as a certified ADHD & Life Coach.  She helps families affected by ADHD, anxiety, or anger overcome their fears and stop their self doubt.  Questions?  Send Loretta an email at 



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