ADHD Coach Training


This happens frequently.

I’ll meet someone new at a social or networking event.  Eventually, they ask me, “Loretta, what’s an ADHD coach?”  They look intrigued as I explain by how I am dedicated to coaching families with teens who are affected by ADHD live easier.

Even those affected by ADHD don’t know what an ADHD Coach is. 

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) begins in early childhood and can last through the teen years into adulthood. 

Children with ADHD may have difficulty focusing, listening, sitting still, following instructions, and keeping emotions in check. 

Research has shown coaching can be a powerful tool in helping those affected by ADHD so that they can stop their self-doubt and overcome their fears.  Coaches can help families how to manage their time, break down daunting tasks into manageable steps, keep themselves organized, think proactively, use mindfulness techniques, and learn to check their thinking/acting at intervals. 

Coaching children and teens affected by ADHD is offered at Bella ADHD & Life Coaching and is geared to a broad range of professionals, including special education educators, teachers, mental health professionals, guidance counselors, and those who have a passion working with children, teens or adults with ADHD. 

Bella’s ADHD Coach Training consists of personalized 12 week ADHD Coach Training Program and will cover all aspects of building a successful ADHD Coaching biz. 

No more trying to fit into a group schedule!  How cool is that?!

All trainings will be scheduled at your convenience in 1:1 sessions with personalized instruction based on your previous background and experience coupled with case studies.   Learn the symptoms of ADHD and how ADHD impacts our client’s day-to-day lives. 

I will also give you step-by-step direction on how to build your business quickly and efficiently. 

Individuals enrolled in Bella ADHD Coach Training receive a copy of Bella ADHD Coaching Training Manual as well as unlimited text/email to answer your questions and/or your concerns. 

Individual training sessions are enrolling now.  Call 269.944.9842 or email to reserve your space. 

In-person and online training offered.

I am looking forward to working with you!