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Are the Parent of a College Student with ADHD?

Leaving home and going off to college is an exciting time.


The freedom of college life presents a new batch of anxiety and worry for students with ADHD.  

It’s nice not to have mom and dad around.  But..after the first semester things start to fall apart.  Grades are not ideal.  A new set of stressors start to evolve.  


It's You vs. Your Semester

Students entering college are truly unprepared for the demands that academics brings.  

One thing I used to struggle as a college student was how to structure my day.

What projects should I begin working on?

How do I begin writing my term paper?  How in the world to I organize my dissertation?  

And if your college student has thought about their day and have been COMPLETELY terrified, they are not alone.

Your child with ADHD has academics, athletics, extracurricular, community services, friends and family, all competing for their time, energy and attention, just to name a few.   There is literally something to do during every waking moment of the day.  Not to mention the struggles and frustration of having ADHD.

Your child is not alone.  You’re not alone.

We can help.  

This is what we can do to help you AND your college student: 

  • Find a college that supports students with ADHD
  • Transition to college by learning problem solving skills and life skills
  • Identify your college students’ strengths  <– Parents LOVE this one! 
  • Manage academic workload
  • Develop advocacy skills
  • Discover Time Management Skills
  • Money Management Skills
  • Develop a Confidence Toolbox









We Believe ADHD Traits Include Many Strengths.  

ADHD Coaching College May Help. 

My ADHD Coaching Program coaches your college student how to understand and work on the skills they may be missing and they become the SUPERHERO of their life! 

In place of medication, ADHD Coaching can be extremely effective in ADHD treatment.   We provide valuable tools for  college students to overcome personal obstacles while pursuing academic goals!

The majority of students with ADHD will experience some difficulty in school.  Traits like inattention, poor concentration, language deficits, poor organizational skills, poor memory, poor fine motor skills, and weak executive functioning can have significant impact.

Together, let’s get started.  Visit the contact page and complete the form for a FREE 30 minute phone consultation.  

Investment:  $60 per a 50 minute coaching session OR 10 Coaching Sessions at $550