ADHD Coaching

ADHD Coaching: Discover Your Superhero

In-Person Coaching and Skype Coaching Offered

Are the Parent of a Child with ADHD?

  • Does your child forget to turn in homework?
  • Quick to anger?  Easily Frustrated?
  • Unable to pay attention? Focus?
  • Trouble with motivation?
  • Receives a lot of negative attention and/or interaction from peers and adults?  Last one to be chosen at recess?
  • Does your child have anxiety about their semester at college?
  • Does your child get left out of peer invitations for football games?  Basketball games?

Are you at a loss on what to do next?

Gosh. I get it.

One thing I used to struggle with as a coach was how to structure my day.  What I used to do when was starting out, verses what I do now as a successful ADHD & Life Coach is very different.

And if you ever thought about your day and have been COMPLETELY terrified, you are not alone.

Your child with ADHD has academics, athletics, extracurricular, community services, friends and family, all competing for their time, energy and attention, just to name a few.   There is literally something to do during every waking moment of the day.  Not to mention the struggles and frustration of having ADHD.

Your child is not alone.  You’re not alone.

You many notice your child with ADHD coupled with anxiety and worry is always on high alert and is seeking danger when there is no danger.  They are unnecessarily putting themselves in flight or fight mode.  This is why your child with ADHD may be jittery, moody, unfocused, need constant reassurance, don’t sleep well, are overly critical or hypersensitive.

In short, children with ADHD are not in control of their anxiety or worry.

In short, children with ADHD are not in control of their anxiety or worry.

ADHD Coaching May Help.


Together, we work to find your child’s SUPERHERO.  I work one on one with children and teens to create a daily customized plan for success.  We will build a Confidence Kit for your child.

My ADHD Coaching Program coaches your child how to understand and work on the skills they may be missing and they become the SUPERHERO of their life!  How cool is that?!

In place of medication, ADHD Coaching can be extremely effective in ADHD treatment. .  We provide valuable tools for children, teens and college students to overcome personal obstacles while pursuing academic goals!

My ADHD Coaching program highlights and utilizes strengths to leverage the challenges of ADHD such as:

  • strength based assessments including learning style and sensory strategies
  • ADHD education and advocacy
  • school accommodations
  • homework and organization
  • routines and strategies for developing skills

The majority of students with ADHD will experience some difficulty in school.  Traits like inattention, poor concentration, language deficits, poor organizational skills, poor memory, poor fine motor skills, and weak executive functioning can have significant impact.

Take a look at my ADHD Coaching package, Superhero 12 – perfect for the high school and college students who want to Jump Start their academic journey as well as would like to become more organized and learn how to prioritize, improve time management and planning skills.

Together, let’s get started and book your child’s ADHD Coaching Package and schedule your coaching sessions with my online booking system.


Often, parents ask about their child’s Individual Educational Plan (IEP) or their child’s 504 Plan.  I can save you time, confusion, sanity, and frustration about navigating through the complicated special education process.

There are many guidelines and rules to think about.  As a special education teacher and as a mom who attended many IEP meetings, I have done the heavy lifting for you.  With my support, I can save you the risk of missing out on focusing on your child, saving you time and confusion.  Unfortunately, teachers are burned out and don’t pay attention to your child like you can.  I will guide you through the special education process and coach you on how to advocate for your child.

ADHD Coaching Package9(12) – 50 minute Kiddo/Teen ADHD Coaching sessions within 3 months

  • (12) – 10 minute weekly check via email, text, or phone
  • (1) – KANE Assessment or BRIEF Assessment ($99 value)
  • Customized Action Plan
  • Unlimited email support
  • ADHD Confidence ToolKit
  • Investment:  $999 / Payments Available