Family ADHD Coaching

ADHD Family Coaching: Peace At Home

In-Person Coaching and Virtual Coaching Offered

I was a wonderful parent before I had kids.
I was an expert on why everyone else was having problems with theirs.  Then..I had two children of my own.
Living with real children was humbling.  Every morning I would tell myself, “Today is going to be different.” and every morning was a variation of the one before.  
“You gave her more than me!”
“That’s the green cup.  I want the orange one.” 
“Mom, this oatmeal looks like throw up.”
“I won’t go to my room.” 


Parenting is tough. 

They finally worn me down.  And though it was the last thing I ever dreamed I’d be doing, I joined a parent support group.  

The meeting was intriguing.  The subject was “children’s feelings” and the two hours sped by.  I came home with my head spinning with new thoughts and a notebook full of undigested ideas.  
Once I was aware of what I was doing or not doing…I was determined to change. 
I wasn’t sure how to go about this change.  
What helped me was putting myself in my children’s shoes. 
Suppose I were a child affected by ADHD who was struggling academically, disorganized, unable to plan, frustrated at school, bored? 
And suppose.. I wanted that all important grown up in my life to know what I was feeling?  
Over the next two weeks I tuned in to what my children might be experiencing, and when I did, my words seemed to follow naturally.  
I get it.  Parenting a teen affected by ADHD is difficult.   
There are so many things to worry about.  Driving. Sex. Drugs. Alcohol. Peer Pressure.  SnapChat. Bullying. Grades. 
Sound familiar? 
You may worry about their self-esteem and self-confidence.
You’re not alone.
I have something that may help.   

I’m Here To Help. Together, Let’s Make Peace At Home Happen. 

ADHD Family Coaching will help you:

  • Develop successful ways to deal with family conflict
  • Learn effective communication skills to deepen your understanding of each other
  • Manage Emotions
  • Create Behavioral Plans that work
In our coaching sessions we will help you overcome the offenses that have crippled your family relationship. We will help you gain a fresh healthy perspective on each other, and yourself, so that you can cultivate your family and celebrate the aspects of each other that count! 

ADHD Family Coaching:  Peace at Home is a total of 16 coaching sessions:  12 with your teen and 4  coaching sessions with the family.   You will leave each coaching session with an effective Action Plan for the week.  

ADHD Coaching:  Peace At Home looks like this: 

Coaching Session 1:   Family Strengths 

Coaching Session 2:   Principles of Behavior Management

Coaching Session 3:   Developing Positive Attention

Coaching Session 4:   Developing Parental Attending Skills

Coaching Session 5:   Establishing a Behavioral Contract

Coaching Session 6:   Using Response Cost

Coaching Session 7:   Completing the Contract/Point System

Coaching Session 8:   Grounding

Coaching Session 9:   School Advocacy

Coaching Session 10: Introduction to Problem Solving Communication Training

Coaching Session 11: Practicing Problem Solving Part 1

Coaching Session 12: Practicing Problem Solving Part 2

Coaching Session 13: Introduction to Communication Skills

Coaching Session 14: Practicing Communication Skills

Coaching Session 15: Dealing with Unreasonable Beliefs and Expectations

Coaching Session 16: Catching Unreasonable Beliefs


Why Wait? Family Coaching includes:
  • via 12 – 50 minute coaching sessions with your teen
  • 4 – 50 minute coaching sessions with the family 
  • What Kind of Parent Are You? Assessment 
  • Wheel of Life Assessment 
  • BRIEF Assessment for your child – identify’s executive function skills
  • Personalized Peace At Home Coaching Workbook – Yours To Keep! 
  • Weekly Parent Handouts 
  • Weekly Action Plan 
  • Mindfulness Action Sheets 
  • Classroom Strategies 
  • Video Games and the ADHD Book:  A Parent’s Guide to Setting Limits On Screen Time
  • Your ADHD Summer Survival Guide Book
  • Weekly emails/texts
  • Investment:  $997/payment plan available 
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