Teen Life Coaching: Kicking Anger To The Curb

Teen Life Coaching: Kicking Anger To The Curb

In-Person Coaching Offered

Have Peace At Home.   

Between family life and the pressures of school, there’s no doubt that it’s stressful being a teenager.  But if you’ve noticed your teen beginning to take out their frustrations and anger on the people they love the most – you, their siblings, and friends – it may be time to make a change. 

Teen Life Coaching:  Kicking Anger To The Curb is designed to help your teen deal with feelings of rage without losing it as well as identifying their triggers. 

Teen Life Coaching is the Gateway to Peace.

Anger affects millions of teens who often find themselves lonely and depressed. 

You’re not alone.  Your teen is not alone. 

Enter Bella Teen Life Coaching.    

Your teen will find out what’s triggering their anger, look at ways they react, and learn skills and techniques for getting their anger under control.  

Your teen will develop a personal anger profile (parents LOVE this) and learn to notice the physical symptoms they feel when they become enraged, then find out how to calm those feelings and respond more sensitively to others.  

Once your teen fully understands their anger, they’ll be better prepared to deal with their feelings in the moment and never lose their cool.  

Teen Life Coaching:  Kicking Anger To The Curve will help your teen notice things that make them angry. 

They will learn how to handle frustrating situations without getting angry.

Your teen will learn the skills to effectively communicate their feelings. 

Your teen will develop a toolkit to keep them for future reference and resource. 

Most of all, your teen will learn to change how they respond to anger. 

Change is not easy!  That’s for sure!!

With the right coaching…

….with the right frame of mind

….and a new set of skills, your teen will learn new problem solving skills to kick their anger to the curb! 

Let’s get started! 


  •  60 minute Coaching Sessions 
  • (1) Anger Profile
  • Unlimited text and email
  • (1) Kick Anger To The Curve Toolkit
  • In-Person Coaching Only 
  • Investment: $50 a coaching sessions or 10 sessions for $450